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2017 Olio Nuovo

2017 Olio Nuovo

The freshest olive oil in a season

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California Olive Oil

California Olive Oil

Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

Made in California

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Meet Our Local Producer

Why our local producers are obsessed with quality and how they are bringing the delicious olive oil to you? Let's meet Olga and learn about Olica Olive Oil.

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"You don't know olive oil until you have tasted Olio Nuovo" - (ONLY 2 LEFT!!)

2017 Olio Nuovo is here!!

2017 Olio Nuovo Seka Hills 250ml

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You can only taste Olio Nuovo for limited time. Experience this greener, bolder, and much flavorful olive oil.

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