2017 Estate Olio Nuovo - The Freshest Olive Oil Is Coming. Oct 2017

It is harvesting season for olive trees and that means we are in treat for Olio Nuovo, the freshest olive oil in a season. 

What is Olio Nuovo? In a simple way to put, it's raw, bold, pungent, and joy. 

Normally when the olive is milled, it is rested for several weeks to months waiting for the sediments to settle which allows flavor to mellow, then transferred only pure oil part into a bottle. This is a normal bottle of extra virgin olive oil which is still flavorful and wonderfully delicious.

Olio Nuovo is different that it is picked, pressed, then directly went from the mill to the bottle preserving all the unsettled sediments along with full of savories and the antioxidant polyphenol. 

It's usually more pungent and peppery which brings so much savory. Some say you don’t know olive oil until you have tasted Olio Nuovo. We will leave it up to you to decide that.

"You don't know olive oil until you have tasted Olio Nuovo.."

How you use this special edition? You can simply drizzle over toasted whole grain bread, steamed vegetables, soup, or Greek or Iceland style yogurt. Just think it as healthy butter or salt to flavor up your dish. 

However, this freshest olive oil doesn’t have a long shelf life as a normal bottle of EVOO does. This 2017 Olio Nuovo is the best enjoyed by March 2018. It would be best to place an order as soon as possible when you can.

We are taking pre-orders from Oct 24th but if you are a member of the50ml family, you will be receiving an email which guides you how to reserve bottles of Olio Nuovo since we have limited supplies. 

Hope you enjoy this special treat as much as we do.

Happy harvesting day!!!

Team the50ml



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