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We are so excited to introduce you our latest feature ‘Get Recommendation’. You are looking for a good bottle of olive oil for your salad, but not sure which one you would try. We provide the information such as flavor attribution and intensity, but who has time to read all of them? That’s why we have collaborated with BoostMode to bring you ‘Get Recommendation’ button which will help you to get to the product you are looking for in two clicks away.




Yes, all our products are tasty and made in the USA specifically by local artisans across the states. It is our mission, after all, to help you discover new local artisans. However, it can be a hard job to pick a right product especially when you are not sure which one has the right flavor attribution for you. That’s why we have now the ‘Get Recommendation’ button. Once you click the button, we take you through the steps.


recommendation button for a gourmet condiment such as olive oil, hot sauce, and many



Let’s think about the cuisine first. The reason we love gourmet condiment is it enriches the flavor of the meal and makes cooking easy (relatively speaking). So, are we making a salad, stir-fried rice, or American breakfast?


Recommendation button for finding a favorite sauce


Clicked a cuisine you want to try? Now, let’s decide how strong or mild the flavor you would like. Do we want a strong flavor that can make you sneeze (in case of extra virgin olive oil) or cry (in case of hot sauce)? Or perhaps you want a delicate flavor which carries a hint of flavor but not overwhelming.


Recommendation button for finding a favorite sauce with flavor intensity


That’s it. Once you selected a cuisine and flavor intensity, let’s wait for the recommendation.


Recommendation button for finding a favorite sauce



Don’t forget, if you are not still sure whether you would like it or not,  we always have a tasting menu. They come in a 50ml size bottle and free shipping. Try and see how you like it with your salad, stir-fried rice or breakfast power bowl. For a starter, check out our sampler set special edition. Yes, it is free shipping! Just because we want you to see how wonderful our local producers are with their tasty products. Check out now. 




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