Labor Day Special Chicken Dish

Labor Day Special Chicken Dish
labor day special chicken dish
Labor Day long weekend is coming up! Any plan to travel? BBQ? or picnic at your favorite local park? Whatever you choose to do, we 50ml wish you happy Labor Day and want to introduce you a very special dish. 

It is a simple chicken dish to make yet loaded with multiple layers of flavors. Great for picnic or a dinner that will bring fresh new flavor to your everyday dinner table. It is sweet, citrus, and spicy delicious. 

Ingredients Serving for 1-2

    • Chicken thighs
    • Seasoning: pepper, Hungarian paprika, Caribbean spice, fruit vinegar (or our delicious Chaparral Gardens Pacific Spice)
    • 1 half onion
    • 1 half lime
    • 2-3 stems of cilantro
    • Olive Oil and Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar
Have chicken thighs clean.
Season the chicken thighs with pepper
Heat up a frypan at the medium high temp
Place the chicken thighs on the frypan and sprinkle Hungarian paprika and Caribbean spice over both sides of chicken thighs.
Once chicken thighs are cooked, lower the heat to medium low to keep them warm.
Dice a half onion.
Chop 2-3 stems of cilantro
Squeeze lime juice
Add 2-3 table spoons of fruit vinegar. Our favorite is delicious Chaparral Gardens Pacific Spice which is made of organic kiwi and garden grown chili. This sweet and citrus fruit vinegar brings delicious flavor to chicken. Truly tasty. (check out the product here)
Now, it is the fun part. Add them all together. You can place them in following orders (or not): cooked chicken thighs, chopped onions and cilantro, and finally mixed lime juice and fruit vinegar. Once it is ready, you can take it to your picnic which I am planning to do. This dish is tasty whether it's cold or hot. 

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