5 Minutes Octopus Ceviche Recipe

5 Minutes Octopus Ceviche Recipe
It's hot summer and you kinda lost your appetite. Here's a solution. Delicious ceviche that will cool you down and bring your appetite back. Feel lazy for all the preparation? It is all about chopping and mixing. That simple. 
Serving for 1 or 2
First you need  a single octopus tentacle called octopus sushi or Tako in Japanese. No need to cook since it already has been cooked (boiled and brined). All you gotta do chop the octopus sushi in a bite size. Feel free to substitute with shrimp or your favorite seafood. 
Now let's add some vegetables. Dice about a half a cucumber (or more if you like).
Again dice about a half a tomato that will bring great flavorful juice to a dish.
Dice a quarter of a red onion.
Mince about one or two stems of cilantro. 
Mix them all together.
Magic is about to happen. Add Chaparral Gardens' Pacific Spice which comes with delicious flavors such as tart and sweet with a little hint of chili spice (they grow their own chili on their garden). Add some lime for more acidity. You will be amazed how easily you can make delicious ceviche with this gourmet condiment. Don't take my words, but try at home. 

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