Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manzanillo


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A 250ml bottle of Lucero EVOO placed on the wooden table
A 250ml bottle of Lucero EVOO placed on the wooden table A 50ml bottle of Lucero EVOO placed on the blue dinner napkin

 If you are not much into peppery olive oil this might be a great choice.This delicious medium olive oil begins smoothly then ends with a subtle pepper kick. Great for bread dipping, pasta, salad, and more. 

Suggested Pairing

Suggested Pairing for Medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    • Medium Intensity with Delicious Peppery Finish
    • Grown and Bottled in Corning Known as Olive City in Northern California.
    • 2014 Gold Medal for the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition
    • 2014 Gold Medal and the Best Show for the California Olive Oil Council.
    • Great Drizzle over Pork Chops, Caprese, Pasta with Tomato, and More.
    A 250ml bottle of Lucero Olive Oil placed on the wood table along with an olive oil jar.
    Manzanillo olive is known for its pleasant bitter taste and smoky flavor with notes of almond. It is also known hard to extract oils from the fruit. Lucero Olive Oil did a great job to bring delicious Manzanillo, smooth and medium intensity that doesn't end flat but may surprise you with delicious pepperiness and pungency. (*What is pungency?)
    A bird-view of an olive oil bottle and a dinner napkin on the wood tableA 250ml bottle of Lucero Extra Virgin Olive Oil and an oil jar placed on the wood table
    If you are not feeling for strong spiciness, but looking for something more delicate, this medium intensity EVOO will do the job. It is great for drizzling over meat, pasta, and salad without overpowering instead enhancing your dish with subtle herbaceousness. (*What is EVOO?)


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