Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar

Chaparral Gardens

$ 12.00

A 375ml bottle of Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar is placed on a table
A 375ml bottle of Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar is placed on a table A 50ml bottle of Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar is placed on a table



It is a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy. Chaparral Gardens Pacific Spice is a delicious fruit vinegar made with organic kiwi and secret spicy chili picked from a garden. This special fruit vinegar makes great homemade ceviche, Asian noodles, chicken, and many other. (You just need to drizzle this fruit vinegar over seafood, noodles, or chicken and taste the magic.)



  • An Organic Fruit Vinegar Made with Kiwi and Special Chili
  • Organic Ingredients and Sourced Locally.
  • The 2011 Sofi Sliver Award Winner for Outstanding Cooking Sauce
  • Great Pair with Ceviche, Asian Noodles, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, and Many More Dishes. 

    A octopus Ceviche dish with a bottle of fruit vinegar placed on the table

    Making Ceviche can be very simple as long as you have a right condiment like Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar. Lime juice and chopped cilantro along with this fruit vinegar make delicious Ceviche. (For the Tako Ceviche recipe, click here).

    A fork stirring Ceviche dish

    This fruit vinegar makes a delicious chicken dish. We made sweet and sour chicken but a healthy version which we received many compliments from our friends. Seasoned with Hungarian paprika, Caribbean spice, and a little bit of Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar. If you don't have all the seasoning, that's fine. Any spicy condiments with this fruit vinegar will do the work. (For the chicken recipe, click here. )

    Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar is pouring into a small bowl

    Ingredients of Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar are all organic and sourced locally. Their kiwis are picked from neighbor farms and the chili is picked from Chaparral Gardens’ own. 

    A bottle of Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar placed on the table

    A perfect combination of sweet and sour flavor only with a hint of spicy chili. 

    A 50ml bottle of Fruit Vinegar is placed on the table with a Ceviche dish

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