Fig Balsamic Vinegar

O Olive Oil and Vinegar

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Fig Balsamic Vinegar
Fig Balsamic Vinegar Fig Balsamic Vinegar


This hand crafted balsamic vinegar carries distinctive fig sweet and is a great pair with prosciutto, ricotta cheese, not to forget vanilla ice cream, and many more.


    • Distinctive Fig Sweet with High Intensity
    • Juicy & Ripe California Native Mission Figs
    • Oak Barrel Aged in Sonoma
    • Use Certified Organic Citrus Only
    • Handcraft and Small Batch for the Best Quality
    • Gold Winner at International Fancy Food Show NYC
    • Delicious with Prosciutto, Ricotta Cheese, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Many More.
    • Great Pair with EVOO for Delicious Fig Salad Dressing

      Balsamic Vinegar O Fig Balsamic Vinegar O Fig

      Mission figs are known for its richer and earthier flavor as well as good source of potassium that helps to control blood pressure. This oak barrel aged O Fig brings its goodness but in high intensity.

      Balsamic Vinegar Mix With Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar Mix With Olive Oil O FigSummer Potato Salad

       O Fig is made everything from the scratch. Small batch and all hand craft for the best quality. Wine turned to vinegar and aged slowly in oak barrel for richer flavor. No chemical, no preservative, but only natural process to bring this complex, rich, and high intense balsamic vinegar. Layer with O Olive Oil Organic Meyer Lemons for delicate sweet and light citrus salad dressing. (Go to the recipe for Summer Potato Salad)

      O Fig Balsamic Vinegar in a Sampler Size

      Not sure? Try our sampler size! 

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