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2017 Estate Olio Nuovo - the freshest olive oil. [Only 1 Left!!]

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Finally, 2017 Estate Olio Nuovo is here for you to taste. It is harvesting season and we are in treat for Olio Nuovo, the freshest olive oil in a season. 

Arbequina Olive Tree in California

Okay, we say it is the freshest olive oil, but what else do we know about Olio Nuovo? What is it? To me, it's bold, pungent, and joy. When I pair it up with other dishes, it is so delicious that literally, it brings me joy. Also, it's well-known for the following factors:

  • Flavorful and spicier
  • Much more antioxidant polyphenol
  • Fresh off the mill to a bottle

Suggested Pairing

Suggested Pairing for Strong Peppery

How Is Olio Nuovo Different from Normal Finished Olive Oil?

Maybe it is the best to compare Olio Nuovo with finished olive oil to learn about it. Normally when the olive is milled, it is rested for several weeks to months waiting for the sediments to settle which allows flavor to mellow, then transferred only pure oil part into a bottle. This is a normal finished bottle of extra virgin olive oil which is still flavorful and wonderfully delicious.


Arbequina Olio Nuovo versus Finished Olive Oil

Olio Nuovo Is 

Yet Olio Nuovo is greener, bolder, and spicer. As you see the photo above, the left greener one is as you guessed Olio Nuovo and the right clearer one is finished olive oil.

Olio Nuovo is picked, pressed, then directly goes from the mill to the bottle preserving all the unsettled sediments (the reason why it has such a green color) along with full of savories and the antioxidant polyphenol. 

"You don't know olive oil until you have tasted Olio Nuovo"

It's usually more pungent and peppery which brings so much savory. Some say you don’t know olive oil until you have tasted Olio Nuovo. We will leave it up to you to decide that.

Seka Hills 2017 Olio Nuovo in a big jug

What Is This Olio Nuovo Flavor Profile?

I know we talked a lot how wonderful and how fresh this Olio Nuovo is, but we haven't talked about its flavor. Just like wine and coffee, olive oil has various flavor profiles depends on olive varieties, blends, soil, and many others. Among the many variables, olive variety is the key factor for its flavor profile.

This Seka Hills 2017 Estate Olio Nuovo is made out of arbequina which is a specialty of Seka Hills. (In fact, Seka Hills won multip awards with the Arbequina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil including 2013 Olive Japan International EVOO Competition Gold, 2013 California Olive Oil Council EVOO Competition Silver, and many others.)

Arbequina is originally from Spain and well known for its artichoke and green apple aroma with low bitterness and pungency. But when it's bottled immediately after milling process, it becomes Olio Nuovo which is now high bitterness and pungency. Arbequina can yield dull aroma of olive oil when it is milled with hot temperature and not milled properly. Seka Hills has perfected its milling process over the years and produces this delicious arbequina Olio Nuovo, pungent and flavorful with artichoke and green apple aroma.

So you can imagine how combining the characteristics of Olio Nuovo and Seka Hills' know-how of arbequina makes one prized delicious olive oil. Just you know you can bring this delicious olive oil to your home today.

How To Use Olio Nuovo

Now, let's talk about how you use this special edition. Olio Nuovo is flavorful and spicy that you can pair it up with any of your favorite dishes. Just like salt, Olio Nuovo also enhances a dish's flavor but in a purely healthy way.

You can simply drizzle over toasted whole grain bread, steamed vegetables, soup, or yogurt. Be venturous. We know our friends like it over a bowl of rice or sandwich.



We will update with more recipe ideas meanwhile, here's one simple idea yet levels up your toast game a great deal. Toast a slice of thick bread and simply drizzle this Olio Nuovo. If you like, sprinkle some fleur de sel or any gourmet salt to bring up even more savory.  


Toasted thick bread with olio nuovo drizzle

 A slice of thick bread with olive oil drizzle  1. Drizzle Olio Nuovo

A slice of thick bread with a bit of Icelandic salt  2. Sprinkle a bit of gourmet salt

How To Care Olio Nuovo

However, this freshest olive oil doesn’t have a long shelf life as a normal bottle of EVOO does. This 2017 Olio Nuovo is the best enjoyed by March 2018. It would be best to place an order as soon as possible when you can.

  • Keep In The Shade
  • Best Used by March 2018
  • Don't Use It at Hot Temperature


Keep a bottle of olive oil in the shade icon               Olio Nuovo is best used by march 2018             Keep olive oil away from hot temperature 

Hope you enjoy this special treat as much as we do!

One more thing, we want to celebrate the harvest day and have prepared a special package for you with a great price. 

Happy harvesting day!!!

Harvesting Day Special Package 

(While supplies last)


A- Seka Hills 2017 Estate Olio Nuovo 250ml $16


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