McEvoy Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

McEvoy Ranch

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A green bottle of McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil placed on the table cloth
A green bottle of McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil placed on the table cloth A 50ml sampler bottle of McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil placed on the table cloth

 If you are looking for pungent and peppery olive oil, we got a perfect EVOO for you. McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil is produced in Tuscan style using six different olive varietals. McEvoy Ranch uses early harvested olives to create its signature bold peppery sensation. It is strong and most likely makes you sneeze, but so delicious you will come back to it. 

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  • Six Italian Olive Varietals Blend for Its Tuscan Style Signature Flavor
  • Early Harvest for Premium Quality
  • California Certified Organic Farmers
  • Great Pair with Citrus, Poultry, Tomato, Steamed Vegetables, and Many Other.
    • Multi-Award Winners, Gold Medals
      2016 New York International Olive Oil Competition
      2016 LA International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
      2016 California State Fair

    If you are the first timer with extra virgin olive oil, you are in for a treat. Mix a ratio of 1 lemon juice to 3 extra virgin olive oil. This lemon salad dressing will make you want more salad. SERIOUSLY!!!
    A bottle of McEvoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a bowl of olive oil placed on the table
    A hand holding a bottle of McEvoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    This bold peppery McEvoy EVOO is great with salad, steamed vegetables, poultry, and almost everything. Our favorite? Try it with fresh lemon juice for your salad. It's simple, healthy, and delicious. (Go to the recipe for Fresh Lemon Dressing)
    A bowl of greek yogurt with toppings of sliced figs and blueberry
    A hand pouring McEvoy extra virgin olive oil into a greek yogurt with fruit toppings
    Hungry in the late afternoon? How about savory greek yogurt snack?

    Thick greek yogurt, seasonal fresh fruits, and a drizzle of fine quality EVOO. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey if you like. So many great flavors all at once and it can't be healthier. Go to the recipe here
    A plate of green salads drizzled with McEvoy extra virgin olive oil
    But most of all, fine quality EVOO makes the best salad. Drizzle McEvoy Ranch EVOO over seasonal vegetables with fresh tomato. Add some lemon squeeze or mix with EVOO before serving. It is simply delicious and takes no time. (Go to the recipe for simple everyday salad)
    Zoomed in olive tree bearing lots of green olive fruits
    McEvoy Ranch harvested their olives early which makes it more difficult to extract oil from its premature fruit and smaller size. These extra efforts and dedication all lead to bring McEvoy EVOO's signature pungent and delicious peppery sensation. (*What is EVOO?)
    A front side of an olive oil milling machine from McEvoy Ranch
    This top-notch milling machine is called Maserati of olive oil mills came all the way from Italy to make the finest quality of extra virgin olive oil. 
    A mixer of olives from McEvoy Ranch.
    Blending six Italian varietals (Frantoio, Pendolino, Maurino, Leccio del Corno and Coratina. Frantoio and Leccino comprise 85% of the blend) to bring you Tuscan style delicious extra virgin olive oil.
    An windmill located on the hill at McEvoy Ranch
    An water bubbler located in the lake at McEvoy Ranch
    McEvoy Ranch is California Certified Organic Farmers and serious about organic and sustainable agriculture. Windmill for saving energy and water bubbler to circulates water for olive trees. Our favorite is bird migration test to make sure this windmill is not on their migrating route.
    A 50ml bottle sampler of McEvoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil placed on the table cloth with greens

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