Hang Ah The Best Home Made Chili Oil Sauce

Hang Ah

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Hang Ah Home Made Chili Oil Sauce


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This is the best chili oil sauce we ever tasted. This delicious chili oil sauce is not too spicy but very flavorful. Its smoky flavor brings delicious umami you can pair with almost every dish. 



  • Roasted and smoky chili flavor.
  • Medium spicy (for the50ml standard)
  • Small batch made.
  • Our most favorite chili oil sauce.
  • Great pair with fried eggs, dim sum, stir fried rice and veggies.  


    Hang Ah Chili Oil Sauce is made by Hang Ah Dim Sum restaurant which claims to be the first dim sum place in US since 1920. 

    We noticed yelp review raving about the chili oil sauce and naturally, we were in rush dipping our first dim sum, Har Gow with the sauce. The next thing we realized, we were dipping Xiaolongbao, BBQ pork bun, and every dim sum with this magic chili sauce. We certainly didn't intend to disrespect the chef's presentation and recipe, but this chili oil sauce was too flavorful and made everything more delicious.

    Now, we wanted to bring this delicious chili oil sauce to our the50ml. Whether you dined here once and miss the sauce, or simply wanted to try our most favorite chili oil sauce, we got your back. We are excited to share this delicious condiment with more people. 

    This is versatile and pairs with both eastern and western food just the way we like it. However, if you like Chinese Spicy Green Beans, we have a good news for you. Mix this chili oil sauce with oyster sauce then stir fry green beans with it. Check out the recipe below from our favorite bloggers. 



    Here are our favorite recipes we found from the blogosphere for your reference and cooking ideas. 


    • Chinese Long Beans with XO Sauce from My Recipes 

     Spicy green beans cooked with chili oil sauce placed on an orange plate.

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