Organic Crown Maple Syrup - Dark Color and Robust Taste

Crown Maple

$ 16.95

A 375ml bottle of Crown Maple Syrup in front of pink background
A 375ml bottle of Crown Maple Syrup in front of pink background A 50ml bottle of Crown Maple Syrup in front of pink background



We immediately felt in love when tasted the crown maple syrup for its beautiful caramelization and just right amount of sweetness. Especially we enjoyed its pure yet distinctive flavor which comes from a single-estate location. We got sugar rush after tasting too much, but we are very excited to introduce you this tasty maple syrup.  


  • Aromas of coffee and cocoa beans along with flavors of brown sugar and toasted almond.
  • 100% pure maple, without any artificial coloring or ingredients or additives
  • Estate-Produced Pure Maple Syrup: crafted from a single-estate location.
  • Great pair with cheese, greek yogurt, and of course pancakes.
  • Combined with the temperature and terroir of New York’s Hudson River Valley
  • Made from Madava Farms in Dutchess County, New York


    • Certified organic pure maple syrup


    A bottle of Crown maple syrup with pancakes with berries topping and a glass of milk.Mixed berry pancake with a glass of milk and a cup of Americano.

    Pouring maple syrup over pancakes.Close-up of pouring a maple syrup over pancakes and mixed berry toppingsA 350ml bottle of Crown Maple Syrup placed on the a dish cloth.A spoonful of golden brown colored Crown Maple SyrupMaple syrup drizzled over mixed berry pancakes.Close-up of a 350ml bottle of Crown maple syrup with a background of pancakes.

    Crown Maple with its unique process allows to removes water quickly then control the natural caramelization process crafting the finest maple syrups from light to medium to dark to extra dark.


      Maple syrup is a great condiment offering sweetness along with a variety of vitamins. Mind you though it is 175 calories for 50ml. Use this delicious condiment responsibly and here are our favorite recipes we found from the blogosphere for your reference and cooking ideas. 


      banana oatmeal pancakes with organic maple syrup

      maple glazed carrot recipe using crown maple syrup

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